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Welcome to ModernAcu. London  

Life throws us endless challenges, with many highs and lows.  We all face illness and discomfort at some point, so best to find intelligent ways to deal calmly and work with our body's natural capacity for healing rather than suppress symptoms with drugs.  No need for a hammer when a small tap will do the job.  I'm here to do small taps that activate your body's innate healing wisdom.


Since I graduated with my degree, a BSc. in Acupuncture, I have always been passionate about getting more people to feel the benefits of this ancient medicine.  Before my acupuncture degree, I practiced other holistic therapies, reflexology, various massage modalities, aromatherapy, and others.  None of them had the power of acupuncture to effect change in my patient's physical and mental health. The Chinese and Daoist philosophies that underpin this practical physical medicine also offer patients useful guidance in living a truly healthy and fertile life.  


I particularly love working with women struggling with infertility or hormone related health issues as I know the misery of not being heard or having your concerns dismissed as normal.  So many women suffer needlessly when there are real solutions to many common women's health issues.  My own struggles with PMT led me to search for an effective natural approach when the Western medical interventions failed.  I tried everything, but the most empowering tool I found was tai chi and qigong practice.  Now I teach this self-healing practice to patients and students.   This practice helped me access greater stillness in my mind and body that had profoundly healing effects that changed my life in dramatic ways.  Acupuncture can help you find greater stillness in your mind and body.  

I have many tools to help you get more flow and clarity as you journey onwards, and I also am happy to refer patients for whom my skills are not the best fit.  I specialise in musculoskeletal pain (back, shoulder, knees mainly) and women's health issues (hormonal regulation, infertility and period pain).

I have seen acupuncture help so many people profoundly, I have become an enthusiastic campaigner to help acupuncture integrate more fully into our healthcare options.   I serve as a board member of The Association of Multi-bed and Community Acupuncture Clinics (ACMAC).  I volunteer at The Space serving the Grenfell Community to make this effective medicine more accessible.  


Please see the events page of Modern Acupuncture London to experience acupuncture in a supportive, affordable group session.   

Let's help you find an intelligent way to your navigate your life's path with more ease and comfort.  

Paige x

As well as running my acupuncture clinics, I love teaching Shibashi taichi/qigong at retreats and to private students! This photo is from a class I taught in the Sahara Desert in Morocco!