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Healing Ourselves - Healing Our World

Our mission at ModernAcu. London is to bring acupuncture into modern life in a way that is convenient and accessible for more people who need natural, effective healthcare.  This effective, evidence-based medicine is twice as effective for back pain as any other conventional treatment, yet this is not well known and is often hard to find or too expensive to get regularly enough to effect real change.  Acupuncture offers natural pain and stress relief with no side effects.  (Well, you might sleep better after treatment, there is THAT side effect!)  There is increasing scientific research showing how safe and helpful acupuncture can be for a wide variety of illnesses.  We ultimately want to get this effective, safe medicine into the mainstream healthcare systems, but meanwhile we want to heal your world with this amazing medicine. 


ModernAcu. London harnesses this holistic healing modality to help you feel better naturally at a price that makes it easy to get regular treatment.  Our founder, Paige Sheffield, BA, BSc, LAc. MBAcC, is passionate about getting acupuncture into the wider healthcare system in a way that respects the growing evidence and experience of millions of people over the last 3,000 years!  Acupuncture in the West is being researched more scientifically with positive results with every passing year.    

Come and try ModernAcu. London and experience what millions already have:  Acupuncture makes you feel better! 


Look at our treatments calendar for our signature group wellness events.  If you prefer a one-to-one session, our founder, Paige Sheffield, does see a limited number of patients privately in her SW London clinic.  

Photo of Paige Sheffield teaching the Shibashi form in the Sahara desert, Morocco.

Our Greatest Wealth is Our Health

Acupuncture treatment is especially effective in helping you feel better when you need help with the following issues - 


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Stressed Woman
Fertility Egg Freezing
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