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Hi, I'm Paige Sheffield, licensed (in USA) acupuncturist with over 10 years experience treating acute and chronic conditions with acupuncture.  I am delighted to offer individual natural healthcare strategies that address the root cause of your health problems and assist your body in healing itself naturally.  From facial rejuvenation to infertility, I am here to help you look and feel great! 


Come and try ModernAcu. London and experience what millions already have: 


Acupuncture makes you feel and look better! 


Look at the Events Page for my signature group wellness events.  If you prefer a private one-to-one session, then do  I can see you at your London home or in my SW London clinic.  


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Meet Sarah, a nurse suffering with early stage Parkinson's disease, as she shares the changes she experienced after six sessions of acupuncture with me.... 

Sometimes it is best to experience the power of this medicine.  You don't have to believe in it, it just works.  And it usually takes a series of treatments to get good results that last.