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Hello! I'm Paige, a USA-licensed acupuncturist and tai chi teacher with over 10 years experience treating acute and chronic conditions.  I am delighted to offer individual natural healthcare to address the root causes of your health problems and assist your body in healing itself naturally.  I provide bespoke holistic healthcare coaching and treatment from my private clinic space at my home in SW London.   I also can bring my medicine to your home in SW London if you prefer.  

COVID - 19 Lockdown Update 

During the current lockdown, sadly I am unable to treat patients in person. But I hope to be reopening my clinic soon. 


Meanwhile, I can share with you the practice of Qigong, finding ease through slow, mindful movement to connect to the subtle energies of your body.


We start with some self-healing energy massage, then I teach you an easy set of relaxing meditative movements known at the Shibashi Tai Chi Qigong form.  By the end of lockdown you will have a learned a tai chi qigong routine that you can do anywhere at anytime you need to add ease and flow into your body and mind.  

The class is 40mins long and is offered in a pay from the heart format.  So I sincerely offer it as my gift to you as I know it is deeply healing, especially at this time when we have time to go inside and be still.  For some this is difficult, but with some guidance you may find yourself wanting to learn more about this ancient self-healing practice.  Pay what you can and it is gratefully received via PayPal on paige@paigesheffield.com. 


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Tai chi qigong is a beloved practice for me,  I know that it has the power to relax and calm our mind and body in profound ways during times of extreme stress.  It is the practice of just being with ourselves.  We have the opportunity to slow down and just be, and as many are finding it isn't so easy.   So I hope you will join me in learning to sense and feel the subtle energies in your being and connect with yourself in a deep way. 


Sending peace and love to you and yours at this strange time!


Photos - Pamela Hall Photography 2019

Meet Sarah, a nurse suffering with early stage Parkinson's disease, as she shares the changes she experienced after six sessions of acupuncture with me.... 

Sometimes it is best to experience the power of this medicine.  You don't have to believe in it, it just works.  And it usually takes a series of treatments to get good results that last.